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Magdalena's Daughters
Professional Mentorship Program

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Guiding Our Youth To A Brighter Future

What is the MD Professional Mentor Program?

12 month program from June 1 through May 31 every fiscal year, designed to provide foster youth with a necessary opportunity for personal and professional development through the support of a professional mentor.

Why Become A Mentor

  • Give back to foster care community

  • Build relationship with potential employee

  • Transform the life of a foster youth

  • Receive supportive assistance with your business

  • Leave and Establish Legacy

  • Actively maintain a relationship with MD

  • Support Foster youth’s business goals

  • Enhance youth’s skills and knowledge

  • Build youth’s self-confidence for workplace

  • Explore youth’s career interests and assist with career planning

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How To Become A Mentor

  • Complete MD Professional Mentor Application & Submit $200 donation by April 1st

  • Pass background clearance

  • Complete DISC Personality Profile to be matched with mentee

  • Attend Mentor/Mentee Luncheon First Saturday of June

  • Meet with mentee monthly and be consistent with communication and planned activities

  • Attend Mentor/Mentee Closing Ceremony 3rd Saturday of May


  • Be in Business for at least 5 years

  • Have Business License and physical establishment

  • Show success of business establishment

  • Must attend Mentor/Mentee Orientation Luncheon

  • Must Donate $200 per volunteer (MD will match donations up to 50% to put in youth’s savings account)

  • Complete MD Professional Mentor Application

  • Complete Participant Agreement (agreement for 1 year)

  • Attend Mentor/Mentee Closing Ceremony

  • Meet with Mentee once a month for a year

  • Be willing to share experience, knowledge, business skills with mentee

  • Be willing to provide advice and guidance for mentee’s success

  • Provide job shadowing & Resume building

  • Provide informal updates to MD regarding status and progress of Mentee

  • Complete DISC Personality Profile to match with Mentee (

  • Be consistent and follow through with planned activities and communication with mentee or communicate with adequate notification of changed plans

  • Consider future employment with youth if desired and/or needed

  • Provide background check or copy of background check if obtained within last 6 months (provided by MD)

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First 100 businesses will be listed as a Charitable Founder for Mentor Program 

  • Logo and business’ website link will be placed on MD’s website (

  • Obtain support for your business

  • Free Press for your business

  • Social Media post and email will be sent out announcing business as Charitable Founder

  • Directly impact the life of a foster youth

  • Help create savings account for foster youth transitioning out of foster care

  • Establish or Enhance social impact for your organization

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