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Ashley Hill and Magdelena's Daughters In the News

Ashley Hill is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works to provide safe homes for foster youth who are at risk or victims of sex trafficking so they can experience freedom, develop healthy relationships, and live meaningful lives.


After working as a county therapist with foster youth for over 4 years, Ashley started a 501c3 nonprofit, called Magdalena's Daughters, to help provide specialized services for foster youth who are at risk or have been victims of sex trafficking. Ashley has a Master’s Thesis published called “Body Shame on insecurity  CFS AWW Ap, sexual-esteem, and depression among females in romantic relationships.”


Ashley has also been featured in LA WireUS ReporterNew York WeeklyThe Chicago JournalVoyage LA, and Kivo Daily. Ashley has also been recently featured on the Isiah Factor Uncensored Fox26 to discuss ways women can Protect Themselves from Sex Traffickers this Valentine’s Day.

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