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White Sheet

Our Services

As a result of the special needs for our youth, most services will be provided on grounds for our residents to ensure safety and reduce re-victimization of sexual exploitation. Although we currently do not have any homes yet, we are working to offer housing opportunities and increased bed availability for San Bernardino County in the next couple of years.


Therapy Services

  • Individual Therapy

  • Seeking Safety

  • Family Counseling

  • Coping & Adjustments

  • Anger Management

  • Group Therapy

Physical Health Services

  • ​Comprehensive Assessment

  • Nutritional Training

  • Physical Education

  • Calisthenics

  • Boot Camp

  • Wellness

Treadmill Walking
Doctor taking care child.jpg

Medical Services

  • Routine physical examinations

  • Observation by a medical doctor

School Observation

  • Direct observation in a school setting​

  • Collaborate with teachers on tasks​

  • Develop techniques to communicate​

  • Assist with program modification​

  • Provide resources for school staff​

Woman and Girl doing homework on a computer.webp
Classmates in the Library

Educational Services

  • Assessment & Evaluation

  • ADHD

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Cognitive Testing

  • Tutoring


  • Magdalena's Daughters encourages residents to have beliefs and values greater than themselves.

  • Church attendance

  • Volunteering with local ministries

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